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Ad Principium has been updated with 34 new birthdays.

Seduction (my TCG collective) has been closed, both because I was inactive and because the only TCG I used to play no longer exists.

I also cleaned some links on Soul-Kissed.
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I added a new site to the network: Ad Principium

It features birthdays of various characters and people. It's actually been in progress for awhile but I finally got around to uploading it now. Gathering info for it is ongoing - for the most part I collect it while I read manga. I have quite a long list of names pending (so many characters in shounen series!) and I'll do my best to update. There are currently 200+ birthdays listed so I think it's a decent start. Enjoy! :)
survivor: (「チャンミン」 ♥ rocking your world) finally debuts! The first layout features Riku looking awesome as usual. I hope you all like it too. :D
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Passion has been updated with my fanlisting for The Wanted, Spellbound.

I have put up a temporary page at It includes affiliates and a button to link back with.

My Ayashi no Ceres shrine was previously static and in desperate need of a revamp so I will leave it offline for now.

The domain and contact page layouts are in progress now.
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Sadly, it's time to say goodbye to It's been a great 5 years, and I am very thankful to Gali for hosting me all this time.

Now I present to you my new domain: the Aurora Spiritalis Organization. The lovely Mitzrael is hosting me - thank you so much Mitz! <3

I'm still in the process of moving sites over. I am starting with my fanlistings, and going in the order that I first opened them. Here is the first batch:
  • Dreamy (Ayashi no Ceres: Alexander O. Howell fanlisting)
  • Zeal (Kingdom Hearts: Axel fanlisting + shrine under reconstruction)
  • Vitality (Ayashi no Ceres: Aogiri Suzumi fanlisting)
  • Absolute Dreamscape (Kingdom Hearts/Utada Hikaru: Simple and Clean -PLANITb Remix- fanlisting)
  • Sotto il Sole (Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands fanlisting)
  • For a Moment (Imadoki!: Kugyou Youji fanlisting)
  • Aiyoku (Ayashi no Ceres: Touya fanlisting + shrine under reconstruction)
  • Drive Your Life (Bleach/UVERworld: D-tecnoLife fanlisting)
  • Stained Glass (Kingdom Hearts/Utada Hikaru: Hikari -PLANITb Remix- fanlisting)
  • Spirited (Estefania fanlisting)
I'll be sending out moved emails to members and affiliates once all fanlistings are back online.


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