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Ad Principium has been updated with 34 new birthdays.

Seduction (my TCG collective) has been closed, both because I was inactive and because the only TCG I used to play no longer exists.

I also cleaned some links on Soul-Kissed.
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Small update - only two things today:
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Passion and Seduction both have new layouts to kick off my network-wide layout project. Passion now has shiny new buttons on the owned page. I've also fixed up the wishlist (so tiny now!) and cleaned up the KIM list and links pages. Seduction hasn't had any content updated due to Divinity (the only TCG I joined) being on hiatus. As such it has a much simpler design than its counterpart, but I hope it is still enjoyable nonetheless. :)

New domain layout coming very soon~ At which point the project will be officially(?) announced and work on the next batch of layouts will commence :D ETA: I've finished the domain layout! has a new, simplified look to place more emphasis on the sites themselves. As you can see, only two of the sites have been revamped, and the rest will follow soon. There are a couple new sites in there as well! ;) The theme between the network-wide project is "elements". I use the term loosely, don't sue me :P Each layout will feature a different element, and it will have an opposite. For example, the first duo is the sun and the moon. Anyway, I hope you all like it and look forward to future updates! :D

Yes, I am proudly a dork. ♥
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Eclipsed has 8 new codes and Seduction was finally updated. I deleted all pending trades up until the month of July because I figured people would not be interested in trading anymore. Also played all the games and got a ton of new cards. I'm only 5 away from mastering Touya now! :D

I think I'm going to just link this update journal on my sites from now on. It's annoying to double-post all of my updates. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to doing that though, ha. I need to make a new to do list soon!


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