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The lovely Jen of has graciously donated her old members list (66 members!) for Glory ~Kimi ga Iru Kara~! Thank you so much Jen ^_^

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Continuing onward!

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Diamond in the Desert has been updated with a code donation. Passion has been updated to reflect that Zephyr (Air: Tori no Uta) has been adopted out to Jessica.

Meanwhile, I'm working on my next major layout. If I didn't have a block I'd be done by now. Darn you block! Go awayyy~
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I adopted the fanlisting for Espo ( from Sei: Blossom Girl! :D It was my first design since August so I've gotten a little rusty, but at least Espochi likes it~

Fanlisting adoptions are still going on. Music of Loveless is going to the previous adoptee that I thought bailed on me but actually didn't, woohoo! So far I only have an app for Tori no Uta, so the other 3 might have to be closed at this rate. :'(

In other news, I'm hacking away at adding previous members for both Utabaka no Kisu and Suspended in Time (I salvaged them from the previous FLs). I'm halfway done adding the former, and about 30% done reformatting the latter so I can make it easier to add them. I also emailed the previous owner for Glory asking for the members list if she still has it, as the previous URL says she does. I wonder if that's been up there ever since I re-opened the fanlisting... I feel like I should hunt for these things every time now lol.

ETA: Done with adding members!


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