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Antiquity will not be receiving a new look anytime soon. I know it's a little too simple but it can be skipped for now (see giant list of revamps below). I did make a minor update so that it will link to this updates log now.

New fanlisting layouts are coming up for the following:

  • Suspended in Time
  • Wings of the Heart
  • Stained Glass
  • Absolute Dreamscape
  • Elysian Grace (multiple skins)
  • Spirited
  • For a Moment
  • Sotto il Sole
  • Phase Shift
Phew! And that's just layouts. 2012 is off to a busy start!

In other updates, Anime Paradise has officially closed T_T I will be opening two new sites that recycle some of its content so please look forward to that.

Save Point has been updated with a couple of new entries and a new link.
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Anime Paradise has finally been updated! Exciting stuff. I added new icons, quotes, and birthdays. It's not all detailed in the update over there as I added some things the next day. More coming soon!

I've been thinking about AP lately, and I honestly think I'm going to suck it up and rename the site. I'm still really attached to the name but "Anime" isn't all that the site has to offer anymore. It's misleading and I don't like that. I still want to keep the AP abbreviation so I'll see what I can come up with (hey, compromise is better than nothing).
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I just went around and updated all of my fanlistings and footers, where applicable. I've found that an alarming number of my sites are still on ancient coding and thus have no footers. The To Do list has been updated accordingly so all of those sites will receive new layouts (eventually).

Anime Paradise's Birthday section has been updated. There are now over 200 subjects listed there! :D
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I added a total of 12 new icons to Anime Paradise, which hasn't had a sign of life in far too long. T_T

I also made icons of Axel, but I'm saving those for Zeal... which should get an update later today, if all goes as planned. I might do the same thing to it that I did to Aiyoku though, and remove the shrine section until I redo it all. Media should stay though, I've got enough decent stuff on there for now.

Edit: I don't feel like making another tiny entry, so I'll stick this in here. Zeal finally has a new layout! I've also added those icons and temporarily taken down the shrine section as noted above.


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